How Unmarried Parents in Texas Get Child Custody and Child Support

When an unmarried parent wants to establish child custody rights and child support, the parent has the right to file a lawsuit called a Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR). The lawsuit will ask the court to decide issues of parentage, conservatorship, visitation, and child support.

The Texas Attorney General Child Support Division offers free services to mothers to establish a child support and custody order. But you’ll have to wait several months before the AG Office can begin your case. The AG represents the state’s interest for parents to collect child support, but not you personally. So don’t expect personalized individual attention from the AG in the handling of your child support case.

When establishing the child support order through the AG Child Support Court, the AG typically addresses the issues of custody and visitation. Often the father, who does even know the name of the child, is given joint custody with liberal visitation according to the standard possession schedule. The amounts of child support are often less than they should be because the father failed to disclose his overtime pay to the AG.

If you and your former partner disagree on custody or visitation, then you should consider hiring a family law attorney to ensure that your concerns are properly brought to the attention of the court. The AG will not typically assist you with these matters since they represent the State, not you. Additionally, an attorney working for only you will make sure that the father gives full disclosure of all his income so that your child gets the maximum child support he deserves.

San Antonio Family Law attorney, James Meyrat, understands that each family is unique – happy in their own way and sad in their own way. James will take the time to carefully look at your case giving special attention to facts and details to make a custody and child support order that is workable for you, in your child’s best interest, and reflects the current circumstances and dynamics of your family.

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