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Even Brad Pitt had to file an enforcement to see his kids

Even Brad Pitt had to file an enforcement to see his kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody problems are very similar to what can happen in Texas family courts


“Judge to Angelina Jolie: Give Brad Pitt more access to kids or risk losing custody”

Brad Pitt is going through a custody problem that is all too common in Texas families. Here, custodial parent (Angelina Jolie) denied the visiting parent (Brad Pitt) visits and phone access to the six children because she decided that the children do not want to go see him or speak him.

So, in response, Brad Pitt sued Angelina Jolie to enforce his visitation rights and ask the court for primary custody. The judge ruled against Jolie, finding that she deliberately impaired Pitt’s access to his children. The judge correctly pointed out that “not having a relationship with their father is harmful to (the kids).” The judge warned Angelina Jolie that she better give Brad Pitt more access to the kids or risk losing custody.

Brad Pitt won his enforcement case and nearly got the modification to change custody. Now Angelina will have to compensate Pitt for lost visitation time and got smacked with his attorney fees.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody problems are very similar to what can happen in Texas family courts. In Texas, the denial of court ordered visitation (possession and access) by one parent against the other is a direct violation of a Texas court order subjecting the violating parent to fines, jail time, and attorney’s fees.

If you are a parent like Brad Pitt who is being denied visitation and access to your children by the other parent, then file an enforcement suit in a Texas family court.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when trying to enforce your Texas possession order:

  1. You must have a Texas order that clearly states your possession schedule and specific exchange point.
  2. You must do what the order says to do. It does not matter that Angelina Jolie called and said the kids wouldn’t be there. Brad Pitt had to go to the exchange point at the court ordered time even though he knew she and the kids wouldn’t be there.
  3. You must document your efforts to pick up and take possession of your child. You have a cell phone right? So take pictures of the front door of her house or the McDonalds to show you were at the exchange location at the appointed time. GPS and the meta-data will record all that.
  4. After you have your evidence showing violations, call San Antonio family lawyer James Meyrat at phone number (210) 733-6235 who will file a motion to enforce and modify child custody.

Judges in Bexar County Courts take possession and access orders very seriously. If the violations are constant and deliberate, the judges will not hesitate to place a violating parent in jail, level access fines for $500.00 per incident, and make them pay attorney’s fees.

And of course the best part, you get to have a relationship with your kids again! If you have been denied possession and access to your child, call San Antonio family law lawyer James Meyrat for a free consultation at (210) 733-6235.

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